Pink Snap Hook Suspenders


☞ Pink Fabric with Tan Leather  

▸ Fashionable & Functional!!
▸ Snap Hook Suspenders hook onto the belt loop of your pants.
▸ 1.5″ Wide 
▸ Linen Fabric with “Y” Back Elastic for flexibility.
▸ Die cut leather center pieces. Hand Assembled & Sewn
▸ Adjustable
☞☞ Suspender Length ☞ 48″
☞This is a one size fits most size… Just communicate with us if you have concerns about sizing. 

❉ Check out the other Snap-Hook Suspender listings if you don’t want to make the decisions or to check out some more photos of options. Feel free to contact us with any questions about your custom order or to request a new color/fabric. ❉

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