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Yo! Orders take 6-10 days to arrive at your door. 


Working here…. 

We believe that one kinder, happier person makes a difference in the world and every person has value. We value intentional, thoughtful business practices such as inclusive marketing, eco-friendly packaging and practices, customer care, and community support.

Living our values internally is equally important and we aim to provide an inclusive, supportive, and educational employment environment.

We provide a safe, open, kind, flexible work place. As a small business working in the home of the owner, the people who work here are very important to us and personality fit is a big deal. While we highly value fun and silliness, we also take our work seriously. We want to do a good job! And making and selling quality products takes focus and attention. 

A person who will thrive here is able to go with the flow (sometimes the plan changes!), takes feedback, gives feedback, works hard both independently and with others, and is kind.

Each person who works here helps the business grow. You can create your dream job! Kelly’s dream in creating this business includes providing opportunities for people to do what they want to do, and what they are good at. We want you to value your work and the business you are working for. 

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Open Positions

(If you don’t see something you are looking for but think you would be a good fit working with us,
fill out the application anyway and tell us what you want to do!) 
If you have questions, send an email to

Production Assistant // Production Manager

Must be able to perform all production tasks. (In the future, we can have people on specialized tasks, but for now we need someone able to fill in everywhere.)

Some tasks and machine operations include:

  • Industrial Sewing Machine 
  • Ironing – Gravity feed industrial iron – large pieces and finer seam work
  • Cutting – Rotary cutting, scissors and fine trimming 
  • Click Press – punching out leather
  • BONUS: Walking foot industrial machine leather sewing 

Position will start out as an assistant, learning all the tasks required for each product and the basics of our product line and business. The right person would then be able to transition to managing the production studio. This requires planning out the day, week, and yearly production schedule (with help) and being able to balance daily production needs (immediate custom orders) with longer term product line production. This position will take time to develop and learn the flows of our business.

It is possible just stay as the production assistant if you don’t want to take on the manager role. 

Ideal Assistant – detail-oriented (bordering on perfectionist), physically capable of tasks, already skilled in some sewing and open to learning, able to take feedback. 

Ideal Manager – Initiative! They want to learn and take on more. Smart, able to see the bigger picture, likes managing and training people.  

Assistant position will start out at $12/hr for a 90-day training period. Potential for rate increase as responsibilities, experience, and trust grow. 
Manager position pay TBD based on experience, skills, and fit. 

Employees and trainees must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Marketing Assistant 

(I hope to make this job sound as fun as I think it is.) 

-Work closely with Kelly to create content and marketing campaigns. (the fun part)
-Content Creation:
—-work with Kelly during photoshoots. 
—-assist in video creation and/or editing. 
-You would be the person to take the ideas and material and put them into action.
Some examples:
-Upload photos and fill the Planoly calendar with images, captions and hashtags.
-Fill out the Tailwind queue with Pinterest posts & caption, tagging products on Pinterest, re-pinning content. 

Experience & Skills
Any social media marketing is relevant. 
-Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
-imovie or video editing skills
-Photoshop/Lightroom photo editing skills 
-Witty, funny, writing skills.
-Committed to our brand and you believe in what we are doing here and invested in helping this business grow.  

Super Bonus – Experience with Wordpress & WooCommerce

This job has great potential to grow and can be as much as you make it. The right person with initiative, skills and the desire to grow could thrive here. 

Office Assistant 

(Can be combined with Marketing)
-Wordpress and WooCommerce Experience needed – will be updating product listings and pages. 
-Project Management – Trello boards and Gantt Charts
-Inventory Management 
-Shipping (package orders, print labels)