About Kelly

Growing up in Naples, FL, Kelly has always been surrounded by bright colors. Later in life, gushing over Kaffe Fasset books became a daily activity until she finally borrowed a friend’s old machine, took over a tiny pool house, and made her first quilt out of blue and white striped men’s shirts. (Passionate Patchwork, Kaffe Fasset)

Kelly moved to Eugene, OR in October 2009 and began volunteering at MECCA (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts) where she discovered a plethora of inspiration. Already having an affinity towards the scrappy, Kelly’s craft blossomed into a growing business with the influx of exciting vintage fabrics and other materials. Like any perfectly timely creative discovery, she happened upon an idea for bowtie making in September of 2011. All things clicked and she found bowties to be the perfect expression of her creative attitude as they wonderfully highlight joyous pieces of fabrics and bring playfulness to formal wear. They also provide an excellent opportunity for fun pattern, color, and texture pairings.

The name “durian & the Lyon” is a personal representation of Kelly. The Durian fruit, her father’s last name, exemplifies the hidden delicacies inside a tough (and stinky!!?) exterior, paying homage to the quirkiness and creativity inherited by her father. Her mother, a colorful (literally) and ambitious woman, maiden name Lyons, gives Kelly strength, inspiration and artistic skill. Both parents have gifted Kelly, through nature and nurture, with invaluable qualities for a creative business venture.

“durian & the Lyon” is Kelly’s way of honoring and showing gratitude for these gifts.